9 Of The Best Red Carpet Looks From The 89th Annual Oscar Academy Awards 

As the biggest awards ceremony of the year has recently been and gone, I thought it was only fitting to reflect on some of the beautiful gowns and suits that graced the red carpet.

Let me start by saying a big congratulations to Emma Stone on winning her Oscar for ‘Best Actress’

Here she is in a haute couture Givenchy gown, handmade by the great Riccardo Tisci.

A more detailed view on the gown, and with the Oscar:

Now, Halle Berry is known for being sexy. At the awards this year, she stepped out of the typical and somewhat largely expected gown, sleek hair and minimal makeup look, and reminded us of exactly why she bagged the role in Catwoman.

Wearing a dress from the Spring 2017 Atelier Versace collection, Berry looked effortlessly fierce, while maintaining a dignified elegance. P.s – we love the hair!

She didn’t stop there. Berry went on to the Vanity Fair Oscar Party wearing another look from the Atelier Versace Spring 2017 collection.


One of my favourite faces, and a personal favourite look, is that of Dakota Johnson. Now, Gucci seems to be the buzzword as of late. Everyone is talking about Gucci!

Here she rocks a gown from the Fall 2017 runway by Alessandro Michele:

Partnered with 24 carat gold pieces from Cartier’s 1940’s – 1950’s collections:

Simply beautiful. 

It’s not all about the women though, here we have Matt Damon and his wife Luciana Damon (ok, it’s a bit about the women)

Mr Damon is wearing a custom-made navy Versace tux while his spouse wears a sensual gun metal Atelier Versace gown.

Ahhh, Jen…

Jennifer Anniston wears a low plunge, high rised leg slit dress by Atelier Versace and absolutely owns it. Pitt, eat your heart out!

Perhaps one of the biggest dresses I could find, is that of Kirsten Dunst’s. 

Dunst wore a custom made Dior gown and absolutely nailed it. The contrast between her blonde hair, pale skin and the black dress is simply incredible. 10/10 for Kirsten!

Last, but not least..

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley dazzled in (yeah, another!) Atelier Versace gown for the Vanity Fair Oscar Party. 

Out of all the collated looks, Versace seems to have taken centre stage at the Oscars this year.


Elle x


The Power Of A Structured Shoulder 

Shoulders that look like they have a shoulder pad inside them to give you that almost 90 degree angle look are something that doesn’t sit well with everyone. 

Working within the fashion industry really gives you a personal insight into what the vast majority of people do and don’t like. 

However, as women, I feel like we are looking at this design from (excuse the pun) the wrong angle. 

Much too often I hear the phrase “they make me look a bit masculine” or “I feel like a boy” 

Let’s change that.

It’s 2017, about 70% of us females are getting about in men’s clothing anyway. We’re in the era of trainers, hoodies and baseball caps. Right now, we have more acceptance than ever to dress across both gender’s “typical” wear.

I feel like this shoulder look is powerful. We look like we mean business. We look sophisticated, like we know exactly how much we’re worth. 

Maybe we do, maybe we don’t. But this shoulder connotates that we do. 

We can incorporate this look into our wardrobe in a day or night look, for a cheap price or expensive. 

For example, going to an event? Here is an evening gown with the structured shoulder:

I’m unsure of the price of this dress, but it looks very Stella so we’ll pin it at least £1,000.

Here, a day look, rocked by Kim K.

So obviously Kim K has a thing for Balmain. This leather blazer retails for approximately £2000. This blazer is available in a variety of colours ans materials, and is the perfect smart day look.

Here are some cheaper boss b#tch alternatives:

This knock-out blazer dress is currently knocked down to just £19 from Missguided. Amazing! 

Now here is my favourite of all the dresses I’ve shown you:

I do believe that this shoulder design crosses over slightly to a ruffled shoulder, but it definitely still holds a structured appearance. Well done, Mango

These dresses retail for £169.99 and can be dressed up or down. For a day look simple add a pair of slip on flats with an oversized leather jacket, and for an evening look simply add a pair of strapped heels and a cute clutch!

To summarise, the structured shoulder look should not be tarred with a ‘masculine’ appearance but rather a powerful appearance. It’s the era of strong women and we should utilise our fashion industry to emphasise this.

Elle x

4 Westernised Fashion Looks That Are Suitable For The Middle East 

Have you ever planned a holiday to the Middle East, namely Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or Quaite? Have you ever worried about those “laws” on what you can and can’t wear, that everyone loves to scare monger and worry you about? 

Well yes, as you have probably already guessed, I have become one of those pre-holiday worriers. 

This of course has lead to a bit of market research to work out what I should and shouldn’t be wearing, and here’s what I found: 

Legs: covered

Chest: covered 

Arms: covered to forearm at least 

Shoulders: covered 

Feet: don’t have to be covered 

Back: covered 

So to conclude, you can pretty much show your toes and your wrists. For a British national, dealing with that heat with my entire body covered up seems like an absolute nightmare. We’re not naturally inclined to cope well with sweltering hot temperatures, rather we’re more inclined to strip off when the temperature gage strikes 20 degrees and we drown ourselves in Fanta Lemon and indulge in a box of Choc Ices.

Nevertheless, I am still super excited to cover up and absorb every last part of a culture different to mine. 

I’ve done some outfit building that would be deemed suitable, and here are my ideas:

1. The Cape Dress

Perfect for evening meals, this absolutely beautiful design is very similar to the work of that of a one Masion Valentino, and is available online across every country. It is elegant, classy and would make you feel like royalty. 

2. The Street Look 

Givenchy sliders ⬆️Knee High (Givenchy) Socks ⬆️Puma Sweatshirt Dress ↕️

Black baseball cap ⬆️

This super-cool look would be both respectful and fashion forward. The Givenchy (or for a lower budget, American Apparel) socks covers your legs up to the point of which the Puma dress splits. Matched with a baseball cap, some oversized sunnies and some snazzy trainers or sliders, it would make a cool, clean look for a trip to The Mall or a stroll around the aquarium. 

3. The Bohemian Look 

These gorgeous dresses are the type of maxi dresses that we would invest in anyway for our summer holidays, so you could feel a little more like yourself while abiding by the rules. As they are unstructured, they can be taken from day to night and will allow for a nice breeze to slip up the bottom of the dress to keep you cool. This look ticks all the boxes. 

4. The Trousers-And-Shirt Combo

I love this look. That business woman, power driven, no-man-ownes-me look. I haven’t particularly come across any rules regarding the tightness of clothing, but rather just that the flesh itself is covered up. Again, an awesome day to night look, worn with some pretty flats while you’re walking by The Marina, swapped for some cork looking wedges for the restaurant. 

So to summarise: going on holiday to a country entirely different to yours doesn’t need to be unnerving or off putting, but rather a chance to really enjoy a different culture, to learn about a life completely different to yours, but of course, to do your research beforehand!

Elle x

2017 Trend: Spring/Summer Ballet-Chic

So as I was on my way to the dry cleaners today with a beautiful Valentino dress by my side, unforeseen circumstances, (also known as torrential rain and no umbrella), saw me darting straight into a shop without looking at the name of it, to purchase said missing umbrella. 

On a tight schedule, I searched carnivorously for an umbrella, but a couple of pink coloured garments caught my eye, and the pace slowed down.

Across a large amount of brands as of late, we are seeing a surge of a variety of shades of pastel pinks and blues taking over in preparation for the full arrival of the SS17 collections. We are also seeing the big brands (e.g. Miu Miu, Valentino) re-creating gorgeous ballet shoes. 

Now naturally, the top designers’ ideas filter down through board meetings, idea pitches and giant workshops.

Granted, the items on the high street aren’t made by a family of 15 at their 1000 year hand-built home on the side of a mountain in Italy, but there are actually some decent finds with a lower budget. 

It enticed me to have a look online to see what these clothes are actually made from, because one of the reasons I shop only with luxury-known brands is because I refuse to waste my money on poor material, and would rather invest in pieces I can wear for decades, (providing I look after them accordingly, of course).

So I found a few pieces from here and there, that I decided to put together to create a super cute SS17 look. 

This dainty dress by Mango is 100% polyester & 100% a bargain. At only £19.99, it’s too easy to snap up and play with. 

Granted, it won’t last forever, but it’s great for a summer buy, or for layering up..

So let’s layer up. 

From Zara, this garment is actually easier to maintain than real lace, because it’s not as fickle. 

With the lace-looking outer shell being 100% polyester, and the shirt underneath being 100% viscose, it makes for a pretty durable piece.

Put it underneath that pink dress, and add these tights… 

No, you don’t have to be 40+ to wear sheer tights. They are actually very flattering and when put with the right outfit, can be very effective; also very in line with the SS17 ballet theme. You can grab yourself a pair from Topshop. 

Now for shoes, my favourite part..

These were my best find. 

Zara, £29.99, 100% CALF LEATHER. 

Absolute bargain, and such high quality. As you can see from both the above pictures, they are very soft and can be worn both as a slip on or a full shoe. 

But let’s be real, it’s still a bit nippy, we’re not quite in Spring yet, so let’s add a coat. 

At £59.99 with 51% wool, 49% polyester and a 100% polyester lining, this coat is an absolute steal. All praise Mango!

But all we’re missing now is a bag.. 

A nifty little cross body to tie it all together. 100% polyester from Mango, this colour ties in nicely with the ballet-to-street theme of this outfit, yet is big enough to put all of your daily essentials in. 10/10 for convenience, 10/10 for cute. 

Elle. X

Balenciaga Favourites: AW16, New Styles & Old

Okay, so I know I haven’t really been an active blogger throughout December/January. I know it’s no excuse, but with it being such a festive season and all, I thought it’d be a fabulous idea to throw in a house move on top of that and well, my leisurely activities were quickly replaced with Googling such things as ‘vintage inspired toilet brush and matching toilet roll holder’, while trying to ration on the amount of tissue paper I had to wrap up the what seemed to be an absolutely disgracefully large amount of plates we for some reason appear to own. There’s two of us.

However, I have now settled into my cosy cottage abode, which has conveniently coincided with some time off work, holiday time. So yes, I’m being paid to sit in my underpants watching loose women with one eye open every single day, for like, quite a few days. Winner

Anyway, on with the post.

As you may be aware, if you have had the tolerance to read any posts of mine prior to this it’s-nearly-twelve-and-I-have-ideas drivel, you should own the information that I have the wonderful duty of guarding my beautiful fortress, which is also known as the boutique of Balenciaga

Naturally, while constantly surrounded by such a vast array of perfectly constructed art work (also known as clothes to those of whom fail to appreciate their beauty), it is only natural for one to become quite the fashion whizz. 

So as SS17 starts to filter onto the seemingly naked rails of the Balenciaga fortress, following the Christmas sale, I thought it would be fitting to share a few of my favourite pieces from the AW16 collection, the first season in which Demna Gvasalia graced Kering with his “EVERYTHING, OVERSIZED. THE LOT!” skills….

Here we have the oversized, (yep, you guessed it!) denim jacket. Now this jacket had a small start in life, but after it was spotted on a few celebrities and a superstar in the Asian hemisphere, it took off. It was one of my personal favourites, because you could actually wear it like it was worn by top models, which in turn, makes you one, right?

Here she is..

Another favourite of mine was the re-occurring Classic City, only this bag arrived in a new size! A lot of customers were asking for a bag that was a size in between the Classic City and the Mini City, and well, Balenciaga answered their prayers. This bag doesn’t just come in the colour you’re about to scroll down to, or the type of leather. This is just my favourite one!

Please see below the Classic City S. ‘S’ just stands for ‘small’, by the way.

Oh, and it still comes with the adjustable cross-body strap! 

Here is the final item of which I loved, now this item has been created before, so it isn’t new, but it is reoccurring. 

Here is the Ceinture Ankle Boot.

This boot also comes in white! 

I love this boot because it’s trans-seasonal, so because it has that nifty cut-out attribute, it can be worn with a cute skater dress in the summer, some mustard (alright, ‘Tuscan sun’ if you hate it) cigarette trousers in the Autumn and any coloured woolly pair of tights in the winter! 
Elle X

An Insight Into Why Designer Garments Are Worth Their Price Tag. 

The truth is, even the most inexpensive garment from the lowest priced store you can find has been filtered down from a product that was created by talented and innovative hands. I have heard one too many times the phrase, “you can get the same thing from *insert high street retailer*” the same thing; it is not. 

Let me explain.

The word ‘designer’ says too much today, implies too much. Rather than tarring all ‘well known’ brands with the same brush, take a step back and have a look at the heritage of a few designers. ‘Designer’ should be replaced with ‘luxury’ in my opinion, as that’s a more accurate representation of what you’re investing your money into. 

Each and every luxury designer has a history, some creators are still with us, some have passed on (rest in peace), but their stories remain. Their fairytales, of how their garments came about. 

Did you know?

Gabrielle Chanel earned her nickname ‘Coco’ as she often sang a popular French song at social gatherings, about a lady named Coco. Did you know that her famous Boy bag is named Boy after her one great love? She pursued her career in fashion after she tragically lost her lover, in the hope of making him proud of her. There is a story behind everything.

You are paying for excellence. Luxury products are less often mass-produced in stuffy factories far-East. Most are intricately hand-made, and some even only work in partnership with family-run business’. 

You are paying for the obsessive determination that individuals are consumed by, their daylight turning to darkness over and over while they religiously work to perfect their creations. What this gives you is time. Time that high-street garments fall down on.  Time you get to share with your precious garment, constructed with imagination, curiosity and adoration for an impeccable finish. You are paying for the quality, and the comfort of knowing that what you are sporting is an original.

Again, too often I hear a phrase such as, “but you won’t even be able to tell it’s Céline?” Because of a discreetly placed logo. It is not what others see, but what you know.

It’s how it makes you feel, and when you know you’re representing your favourite designer, who you are infatuated with because of that little part of their story that captivated you, believe me, you will feel.

Respect the name, the history, and the importance that the fashion industry has on society. 

Gianvito Rossi, Saint Laurent Paris, Mugler and Balenciaga pre-season favourites 2016

A lot of new merchandise is filtering into the beautiful boutiques that line our city centres with their fortresses of fashion. We are fast approaching pre-season which sees the arrival of many new styles and designs amongst some of the most fabulous brands.

Today’s post is about a couple of my current favourite pre-season pieces, and why. 

Saint Laurent Paris

This dress is nothing short of a dream. Sequins aren’t usually my ‘thing’.. In fact, they usually repulse me. But not in this case. This dress slips on like a suctioning glove and makes you feel like money. The beautiful mesh fish tail at the back simply finishes off its effortless splendour and tips me over the edge from like to love.

• Teamed with Gianvito Rossi heels

Mugler t-shirt and Saint Laurent mini skirt 

Again, I’m not usually a camo kind of gal.. It all seems a bit too much. But not this time, Saint Laurent, you have changed me again! Just look at this beautiful denim mini skirt. It’s flattering, comfortable and retro. Teamed with this edgy mini skirt is an effortless & simple new Mugler t-shirt. 

“The nipple piercing”

Bet you didn’t spot that, did you? Such a simple tee with such a quirky addition, genius! This t-shirt is a hit with a few of my colleagues too, and I may have purchased it.. Oops! Winner. 

Balenciaga Wool Wrap

Errrrmm OKAAAY.. Soz about me. Am I in Manchester or am I in Chelsea though? For goodness sake, Balenciaga, you will bankrupt me one day! AMAZING. 

Balenciaga Classic City.. The new size!

Okay so for a while, people have requesting a “middle sized” bag from Balenciaga. The people asked, Balenciaga delivered. Lush.

Keep your eyes out for my next pre season post!

Love Elle x