My Daily Face; What’s Currently In My Makeup Bag?

So as I have no comparisons to declare at the moment, I thought it’d be nice to share what products I’m currently loving, wearing daily, and more importantly, why!

1. NYX Base spray – this spray costs £7.00 from Boots. It’s essentially a primer, but without any fuss. I just spray it all over my face and although I can feel a very light film settle on my skin, within seconds I can’t feel anything. It’s really easy, really quick, reasonably priced and wakes me up a little in the mornings!

2. Anastasia Beverly-Hills Dipbrow Pomade

£19.00 from Beauty Bay. Slightly pricy, but you will actually save money with this product, trust me. I have only ever purchased one, and that was over two years ago. This product has lasted for ages, and is still as good quality as it was when I first opened it. I tend to spray the pot with the aforementioned NYX Base spray, because giving the product that little moisture makes it so much easier to spread. I use an angled liner brush with this, and I will never ever use any other product on my brows.

3. P Louise Base

This product is priced at £14.99 including delivery for a 15ml tube directly from the P Louise website.

This Base has been extremely popular with beauty bloggers, and I can understand why. It lives up to its reputation. It is definitely the best base I have ever used.

It doesn’t ‘cake’ but it provides a full coverage finish and is perfect for carving your brows. Eyeshadow clings to it amazingly. I bought this Base in shade 0.5.

4. Mac Studio Fix

Always. Above all. No matter what. I wear this foundation in shade NW10. Priced at £24.50, this foundation gives me full coverage but I can barely feel it on my face. I have tried so many other reputable foundations but I always come back to this. My skin is dry, and Studio Fix is supposed to be for oily skin, but it just works for me!

5. Nars Laguna Bronzer

I don’t use this product as bronzer, I use it as contour. I simply use it to carve my cheekbones, the bridge of my nose and the top of my forehead. Priced at £30.00, it can be used as bronzer or contour. This product will not make you orange – it gives you a nice tanned glow. I have been buying it for years and I don’t have any intention of stopping now!

6. Anastasia Beverly-Hills Sugar Glowkit

I swear by the holy bible that to my knowledge there is not a highlighter better on Earth than that of an Anastasia B-H Glowkit. Priced at £41.00, this product comes with 4 different colours of highlight. It is highly pigmented and stays really well all day, the colours are extremely flattering and you can keep adding more and more depending on your occasion!

7. Clinique Setting Powder – Translucent

This is a loose powder that literally makes your pores vanish. It leaves a matte, silken finish. It really is flawless. I’ll always go back to this product as opposed to setting sprays. I actually really look forward to this part of my facial routine in the morning because it always makes me feel good about my skin

8. YSL Couture Liquid Liner

Priced at £26.00, this is quite pricey for a liner, but it’s such good quality. It last all day, and doesn’t change colour or fade at all. It’s really easy to take off, it just peels off. I struggled with the control of the brush for a while, subsequently using a winged liner brush with the product, but the more I got used to the nature of the product and it’s tendencies, I transitioned into using just the brush that comes with the liner. It takes me 5-6 minutes to neatly apply a perfect line on both my eyes, wings n’all.

Thanks for reading,

Elle x


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