Fenty Beauty Vs MAC: A Review.

Hello readers, it’s been a while.

I have decided to review the popular Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear foundation and “Killawatt Trophy Wife” highlighter, and more importantly, the differences I have experienced by switching from Mac….. And back.

I purchased shade 120 which was absolutely perfect for my skin tone.

I have chosen to give my honest opinion on my Beauty blog once more (all views are my own) as I searched for reviews of this product prior to purchase, and while I did find some crucial information that helped my initial application of the product, I found a lot out the hard way.. Or at least, the irritating way: by buying it.

So as you will already be well aware (if you are an avid reader of my blog) I am a woman of extremely lightly pigmented skin. Due to this, I have struggled through the years trying to find a happy medium of the ‘right’ shade that will also not have me looking like Morticia.

The Foundation.

Years ago, I was colour matched in Mac as NC15. If you are a Mac girl, you’ll know that’s pretty light. I was blindly under the impression this was the lightest shade that they made, and quite frankly I was sick to death of trying to blend my face into my neck into my shoulders. Let’s be honest, we’re not fourteen anymore, we have full time jobs and Netflix binges to keep up with… We ain’t false tannin’ like we used to.

I opted to try the Pro Filt’r foundation purely because of my love for RiRi, and I didn’t think she would let us girls down. The foundation is advertised as “medium to full coverage” and although I’m a full coverage gal, I thought I’d just add a smidge more around those problem areas.

Bad move.

Guess what happens when you put more makeup on one area of your face?

• Uneven

• Blotchy

• Caked on

This foundation is not “medium to full” coverage. It is medium coverage. Adding more product does not give you the full coverage look you are looking for.

Here is a picture of me wearing the foundation – completely unedited of course.

The Highlighter.

So the “Killawatt Trophy Wife” highlight is pretty popular, and if I’m completely honest with you, I think the name of the product was originally why I was drawn to it, because it’s different and a bit sassy, and I feel that in my soul. The yellowness of this product, however, I do not.

Now I speak only for myself here, but I do not think a yellow pigmented highlight is flattering on such white skin. I found that the soft golden tones from my Anastasia BH Glow Kit suit me much, much more. Plus, this foundation does not blend. I literally found myself scrubbing at my cheek to blend in the big blobs of yellow pigment – and I’d even specially bought a beautiful new Real Techniques highlighting brush!

❤️ Guess who’s MAC… MAC again. ❤️

Now, this is the point in my life whereby I learnt about the ‘NW’ shades of Mac. Slightly less yellow pigment you say? Paler shades you say?

Have I been living under a rock?!

I quite promptly marched myself into Mac and demanded a re-match. (Of the foundation to my skin tone, not a dual to the death).

Oh NW10, how you’ve changed my life.

Full coverage

• No flaking

• Spreads much easier (use less product, save more pennies)

• And about £1 cheaper than Fenty Beauty!

See below for unfiltered Mac selfie –

Looks much smoother, right? That’s because it is.

Moral of the story: MAC never lets you down!

Elle x


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