Out with the old, in with the nude.

Picture this: it’s 2006. You’re wearing your best tan-coloured chinos and a floaty top. Your belt, which didn’t cost you anything because it came free with a pair of shorts, is hanging loosely around your waist, over your floaty top.. Serving absolutely no purpose. It’s cold out, so you’ve put socks on with your dolly shoes. 

What is that belt holding up, Kim?

Regardless of all the sins you’re making, you’re ready for the world, and the world had better be ready for you.

The only item that was ever worn in a nude colour prior to approximately 2016 was your best pair of Spanx.

We are now in 2018, and everything you see is made in a nude option.

Nude body suits, nude jeans, nude heels, nude lipsticks, nude eyeshadow palettes, nude nail varnish!

Nude is in. But is it for everyone?

Dependant on your skin tone, the correct shade of nude can really flatter you, and naturally, for like of a better word, it can also really wash you out. 

Nude with a nice tan – throw back to 2008 when you sported “foundation lips”

Nude with fair skin – where does your face end and your lips start? Do you have lips?

Nude with dark skin – honey you ain’t ever gonna glo’ up like that. 

Seems kind of hopeless, right? Wrong. Nude comes in two different forms; matte and gloss.

Find your happy place. 

Gloss tends to turn fair skinned folk into something not too dissimilar of “The Ice Queen” from The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe, however, a pinky-nude, instead of a skin coloured nude, tends to bring a little suttin’ suttin’ to the table. 

Matte always suits a tan – that Carribean glow doesn’t require enhanced cosmetics. Take a back seat and line your lips, apply your matte nude and enjoy the natural beauty.

Now, dark skin can pretty much get away with either. You lucky so and so’s. 

Either way, nude is here to stay. 

*mic drop*

Love, Elizabeth x


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