The Power Of A Structured Shoulder 

Shoulders that look like they have a shoulder pad inside them to give you that almost 90 degree angle look are something that doesn’t sit well with everyone. 

Working within the fashion industry really gives you a personal insight into what the vast majority of people do and don’t like. 

However, as women, I feel like we are looking at this design from (excuse the pun) the wrong angle. 

Much too often I hear the phrase “they make me look a bit masculine” or “I feel like a boy” 

Let’s change that.

It’s 2017, about 70% of us females are getting about in men’s clothing anyway. We’re in the era of trainers, hoodies and baseball caps. Right now, we have more acceptance than ever to dress across both gender’s “typical” wear.

I feel like this shoulder look is powerful. We look like we mean business. We look sophisticated, like we know exactly how much we’re worth. 

Maybe we do, maybe we don’t. But this shoulder connotates that we do. 

We can incorporate this look into our wardrobe in a day or night look, for a cheap price or expensive. 

For example, going to an event? Here is an evening gown with the structured shoulder:

I’m unsure of the price of this dress, but it looks very Stella so we’ll pin it at least £1,000.

Here, a day look, rocked by Kim K.

So obviously Kim K has a thing for Balmain. This leather blazer retails for approximately £2000. This blazer is available in a variety of colours ans materials, and is the perfect smart day look.

Here are some cheaper boss b#tch alternatives:

This knock-out blazer dress is currently knocked down to just £19 from Missguided. Amazing! 

Now here is my favourite of all the dresses I’ve shown you:

I do believe that this shoulder design crosses over slightly to a ruffled shoulder, but it definitely still holds a structured appearance. Well done, Mango

These dresses retail for £169.99 and can be dressed up or down. For a day look simple add a pair of slip on flats with an oversized leather jacket, and for an evening look simply add a pair of strapped heels and a cute clutch!

To summarise, the structured shoulder look should not be tarred with a ‘masculine’ appearance but rather a powerful appearance. It’s the era of strong women and we should utilise our fashion industry to emphasise this.

Elle x


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