The ‘Black Mask’ Hype – How Effective Is It Really?

After seeing this Black Mask suggested to me every 3/4 posts or so down my Facebook page, I started to pay attention to the videos of it and do a bit of research.

The Black Mask is supposed to offer us that one step better than a normal face mask, and that’s by pulling all the rubbish clogged in our pores out, whereas a normal face mask generally focuses on the surface of the skin.

I decided to give it a go.

I ordered a Black Mask tube off Amazon and on the day it arrived, I was really looking forward to seeing if it could put its money where its mouth is.

This is mine, it cost me a total of £3.42 including delivery for a 60g tube and it took exactly 2 weeks to arrive.

The brand is Water Ice Levin and the name of it is Suction Black Mask. 

I’m going to start by saying that if you have a low pain threshold, don’t bother. This mask hurts a lot. It latches onto every last teeny weeny hair on your face and refuses to let go.

Here is the pain in action:


Weirdly enough, it absolutely murdered on my cheeks, but proved entirely euphoric as I peeled it off my nose.

As you can see from the horror movie above, the mask was clearly gripping onto all that rubbish clogging up my pores.

Yummy, right?

I’ve never been so happy to see dead skin. The mask may have been excruciating, but it was over in a short while and it had actually rid my face of a truck load of mingin’ under-the-skin black heads and unwanted skin.

I left it on for about 20 minutes, peeled it off (half really slow, half really fast like a plaster), moisturised my face and voila! My skin felt lighter, a whole lot softer and I couldn’t stop looking at how much more fresh I looked!

To summarise, 10/10 would buy again, but I must warn you – invest in a decent face moisturiser – the mask really dries you out.

Elle x


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