4 Westernised Fashion Looks That Are Suitable For The Middle East 

Have you ever planned a holiday to the Middle East, namely Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or Quaite? Have you ever worried about those “laws” on what you can and can’t wear, that everyone loves to scare monger and worry you about? 

Well yes, as you have probably already guessed, I have become one of those pre-holiday worriers. 

This of course has lead to a bit of market research to work out what I should and shouldn’t be wearing, and here’s what I found: 

Legs: covered

Chest: covered 

Arms: covered to forearm at least 

Shoulders: covered 

Feet: don’t have to be covered 

Back: covered 

So to conclude, you can pretty much show your toes and your wrists. For a British national, dealing with that heat with my entire body covered up seems like an absolute nightmare. We’re not naturally inclined to cope well with sweltering hot temperatures, rather we’re more inclined to strip off when the temperature gage strikes 20 degrees and we drown ourselves in Fanta Lemon and indulge in a box of Choc Ices.

Nevertheless, I am still super excited to cover up and absorb every last part of a culture different to mine. 

I’ve done some outfit building that would be deemed suitable, and here are my ideas:

1. The Cape Dress

Perfect for evening meals, this absolutely beautiful design is very similar to the work of that of a one Masion Valentino, and is available online across every country. It is elegant, classy and would make you feel like royalty. 

2. The Street Look 

Givenchy sliders ⬆️Knee High (Givenchy) Socks ⬆️Puma Sweatshirt Dress ↕️

Black baseball cap ⬆️

This super-cool look would be both respectful and fashion forward. The Givenchy (or for a lower budget, American Apparel) socks covers your legs up to the point of which the Puma dress splits. Matched with a baseball cap, some oversized sunnies and some snazzy trainers or sliders, it would make a cool, clean look for a trip to The Mall or a stroll around the aquarium. 

3. The Bohemian Look 

These gorgeous dresses are the type of maxi dresses that we would invest in anyway for our summer holidays, so you could feel a little more like yourself while abiding by the rules. As they are unstructured, they can be taken from day to night and will allow for a nice breeze to slip up the bottom of the dress to keep you cool. This look ticks all the boxes. 

4. The Trousers-And-Shirt Combo

I love this look. That business woman, power driven, no-man-ownes-me look. I haven’t particularly come across any rules regarding the tightness of clothing, but rather just that the flesh itself is covered up. Again, an awesome day to night look, worn with some pretty flats while you’re walking by The Marina, swapped for some cork looking wedges for the restaurant. 

So to summarise: going on holiday to a country entirely different to yours doesn’t need to be unnerving or off putting, but rather a chance to really enjoy a different culture, to learn about a life completely different to yours, but of course, to do your research beforehand!

Elle x


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