2017 Trend: Spring/Summer Ballet-Chic

So as I was on my way to the dry cleaners today with a beautiful Valentino dress by my side, unforeseen circumstances, (also known as torrential rain and no umbrella), saw me darting straight into a shop without looking at the name of it, to purchase said missing umbrella. 

On a tight schedule, I searched carnivorously for an umbrella, but a couple of pink coloured garments caught my eye, and the pace slowed down.

Across a large amount of brands as of late, we are seeing a surge of a variety of shades of pastel pinks and blues taking over in preparation for the full arrival of the SS17 collections. We are also seeing the big brands (e.g. Miu Miu, Valentino) re-creating gorgeous ballet shoes. 

Now naturally, the top designers’ ideas filter down through board meetings, idea pitches and giant workshops.

Granted, the items on the high street aren’t made by a family of 15 at their 1000 year hand-built home on the side of a mountain in Italy, but there are actually some decent finds with a lower budget. 

It enticed me to have a look online to see what these clothes are actually made from, because one of the reasons I shop only with luxury-known brands is because I refuse to waste my money on poor material, and would rather invest in pieces I can wear for decades, (providing I look after them accordingly, of course).

So I found a few pieces from here and there, that I decided to put together to create a super cute SS17 look. 

This dainty dress by Mango is 100% polyester & 100% a bargain. At only £19.99, it’s too easy to snap up and play with. 

Granted, it won’t last forever, but it’s great for a summer buy, or for layering up..

So let’s layer up. 

From Zara, this garment is actually easier to maintain than real lace, because it’s not as fickle. 

With the lace-looking outer shell being 100% polyester, and the shirt underneath being 100% viscose, it makes for a pretty durable piece.

Put it underneath that pink dress, and add these tights… 

No, you don’t have to be 40+ to wear sheer tights. They are actually very flattering and when put with the right outfit, can be very effective; also very in line with the SS17 ballet theme. You can grab yourself a pair from Topshop. 

Now for shoes, my favourite part..

These were my best find. 

Zara, £29.99, 100% CALF LEATHER. 

Absolute bargain, and such high quality. As you can see from both the above pictures, they are very soft and can be worn both as a slip on or a full shoe. 

But let’s be real, it’s still a bit nippy, we’re not quite in Spring yet, so let’s add a coat. 

At £59.99 with 51% wool, 49% polyester and a 100% polyester lining, this coat is an absolute steal. All praise Mango!

But all we’re missing now is a bag.. 

A nifty little cross body to tie it all together. 100% polyester from Mango, this colour ties in nicely with the ballet-to-street theme of this outfit, yet is big enough to put all of your daily essentials in. 10/10 for convenience, 10/10 for cute. 

Elle. X


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