Balenciaga Favourites: AW16, New Styles & Old

Okay, so I know I haven’t really been an active blogger throughout December/January. I know it’s no excuse, but with it being such a festive season and all, I thought it’d be a fabulous idea to throw in a house move on top of that and well, my leisurely activities were quickly replaced with Googling such things as ‘vintage inspired toilet brush and matching toilet roll holder’, while trying to ration on the amount of tissue paper I had to wrap up the what seemed to be an absolutely disgracefully large amount of plates we for some reason appear to own. There’s two of us.

However, I have now settled into my cosy cottage abode, which has conveniently coincided with some time off work, holiday time. So yes, I’m being paid to sit in my underpants watching loose women with one eye open every single day, for like, quite a few days. Winner

Anyway, on with the post.

As you may be aware, if you have had the tolerance to read any posts of mine prior to this it’s-nearly-twelve-and-I-have-ideas drivel, you should own the information that I have the wonderful duty of guarding my beautiful fortress, which is also known as the boutique of Balenciaga

Naturally, while constantly surrounded by such a vast array of perfectly constructed art work (also known as clothes to those of whom fail to appreciate their beauty), it is only natural for one to become quite the fashion whizz. 

So as SS17 starts to filter onto the seemingly naked rails of the Balenciaga fortress, following the Christmas sale, I thought it would be fitting to share a few of my favourite pieces from the AW16 collection, the first season in which Demna Gvasalia graced Kering with his “EVERYTHING, OVERSIZED. THE LOT!” skills….

Here we have the oversized, (yep, you guessed it!) denim jacket. Now this jacket had a small start in life, but after it was spotted on a few celebrities and a superstar in the Asian hemisphere, it took off. It was one of my personal favourites, because you could actually wear it like it was worn by top models, which in turn, makes you one, right?

Here she is..

Another favourite of mine was the re-occurring Classic City, only this bag arrived in a new size! A lot of customers were asking for a bag that was a size in between the Classic City and the Mini City, and well, Balenciaga answered their prayers. This bag doesn’t just come in the colour you’re about to scroll down to, or the type of leather. This is just my favourite one!

Please see below the Classic City S. ‘S’ just stands for ‘small’, by the way.

Oh, and it still comes with the adjustable cross-body strap! 

Here is the final item of which I loved, now this item has been created before, so it isn’t new, but it is reoccurring. 

Here is the Ceinture Ankle Boot.

This boot also comes in white! 

I love this boot because it’s trans-seasonal, so because it has that nifty cut-out attribute, it can be worn with a cute skater dress in the summer, some mustard (alright, ‘Tuscan sun’ if you hate it) cigarette trousers in the Autumn and any coloured woolly pair of tights in the winter! 
Elle X


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