An Insight Into Why Designer Garments Are Worth Their Price Tag. 

The truth is, even the most inexpensive garment from the lowest priced store you can find has been filtered down from a product that was created by talented and innovative hands. I have heard one too many times the phrase, “you can get the same thing from *insert high street retailer*” the same thing; it is not. 

Let me explain.

The word ‘designer’ says too much today, implies too much. Rather than tarring all ‘well known’ brands with the same brush, take a step back and have a look at the heritage of a few designers. ‘Designer’ should be replaced with ‘luxury’ in my opinion, as that’s a more accurate representation of what you’re investing your money into. 

Each and every luxury designer has a history, some creators are still with us, some have passed on (rest in peace), but their stories remain. Their fairytales, of how their garments came about. 

Did you know?

Gabrielle Chanel earned her nickname ‘Coco’ as she often sang a popular French song at social gatherings, about a lady named Coco. Did you know that her famous Boy bag is named Boy after her one great love? She pursued her career in fashion after she tragically lost her lover, in the hope of making him proud of her. There is a story behind everything.

You are paying for excellence. Luxury products are less often mass-produced in stuffy factories far-East. Most are intricately hand-made, and some even only work in partnership with family-run business’. 

You are paying for the obsessive determination that individuals are consumed by, their daylight turning to darkness over and over while they religiously work to perfect their creations. What this gives you is time. Time that high-street garments fall down on.  Time you get to share with your precious garment, constructed with imagination, curiosity and adoration for an impeccable finish. You are paying for the quality, and the comfort of knowing that what you are sporting is an original.

Again, too often I hear a phrase such as, “but you won’t even be able to tell it’s Céline?” Because of a discreetly placed logo. It is not what others see, but what you know.

It’s how it makes you feel, and when you know you’re representing your favourite designer, who you are infatuated with because of that little part of their story that captivated you, believe me, you will feel.

Respect the name, the history, and the importance that the fashion industry has on society. 


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