Beauty Blenders.. And why not to use them.

So; as usual I’ve been on a personal journey to spread my best practice with you lovely people. 

Unfortunately, in this instance, it wasn’t by choice. 

It’s been a rough time.

Basically, I have been struggling with bad skin. For someone who was lucky enough to skip the ‘bad skin phase’ of the teenage years, getting hit at 22 by it was the last thing I expected. I’d (kind of) ‘recently’ got into a relationship and I work in luxury fashion, so naturally, I feel obliged to look fabulous every waking minute. 

Yes hello operator, I have bad skin. Please send assistance.

I tried to trace my steps. Had I changed a product? Was I wearing too many products? Was I not wearing enough product? Was there a miracle skin care product I wasn’t aware of? 

Luckily, one of my besties (shout out Kamran oi oi) worked at Lush, and he took charge of the situation. He kitted me out with all the right products; cleansers, scrubs, masks. You name it, I was using it. 

Still not working. New day, new spot.

By this point, my chin in general was starting to change colour from white to red. I’m disgraced to admit, but I was purposely making it worse at this point by sleeping with concealer on. I couldn’t even look at myself without flawless skin. Despair.


Then a light bulb went off. The only thing I’d changed was my beauty blender. Do you know why they’re called beauty blenders? Because they blend away your beauty. They harbour soooo many bad bacteria and no matter how often you wash them, there will always be rotten make-up lingering. 

See above a brand new blender vs a used, 4 week old blender. Soz Real Techniques, nothing personal. 

Would you put a dirty dish sponge on your face? No you wouldn’t. So don’t fall for it with beauty blenders, either! 

But they did make my skin so flawless and dewy… I couldn’t just abandon ship, I mean, brushes never created such an airbrushed look. 

So what did I do? 
I binned it. Temporarily of course, it was all I could do. The right thing to do. I then started applying my foundation with my fingers, yes I know I am vile. However, I have dry skin generally, and the moisture from my fingers transfers to my skin and it actually makes me look better. (Nice one for that fact, Nars MUA!) 

Then I had a geeeeeenius idea. A beauty blender is a sponge, right? It’s a sponge. Just a little sponge. Why am I paying so much for a sponge, and washing it repeatedly? Why didn’t I just buy an abundance of less expensive sponges, and constantly use new ones, before bacteria even had the chance to develop? 

Girls, (and boys), I’ve just changed your lives. 

Boots offer a pack of 4 latex free polyurethane foam makeup sponges that have done the exact same job as the pricey blenders. Plus, as they are in a triangular shape, you can identify exactly where you have already used the sponge and use the other side the following day. That’s 8 days, for about £1.

My skin is back to being flawless. 

I vow never to touch normal beauty blenders again. Who’s with me? 

Love Elle x


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