Urban Decay; a review of the Alice Through The Looking Glass palette *plus inspo for looks*

Considering I have an undying infatuation with both Alice in Wonderland and Urban Decay cosmetics, it seemed almost fitting if not slightly obligatory of me to purchase the UD “Alice Through The Looking Glass” eyeshadow palette within a good hour or two of it launching.

So this post is about how I have found the palette in comparison to other UD palettes.

Firstly; here is a photo of the palette in all its glory. 

As you can see, the shades and their titles are inspired by the characters from the movie. It costs £43.00 and comes with a free double ended application brush. 

Unfortunately, I wasn’t as blown away by this palette as I assumed I would be. The majority of the shades are incredible, but some are a total write off – no pigmentation at all. Much to my dismay, ‘HEADS WILL ROLL’ ‘DREAM ON’ and ‘BANDERSNATCH’ just don’t seem to colour my eye lids, and I wear a really good NYX eye primer, so it should definitely stick. 

Aside from the small number of shades that lack any pigmentation, the most part of the palette have the ability to create magnificent looks. 

Here are some of my personal favourites – 

Snow White 

This is my most daring look to date with this palette, as I’m evidently as white as a sheet of standard A4, so red lipstick and dark eyes have a tasteless knack for making me appear only half alive. Bad genetics aside, it worked out fab nonetheless.


This is a really girly look, and I felt like a total brunette Barbie. Love. 

By using the ‘MIRROR’ shade on my crease, ‘ROYAL FLUSH’ in the centre and ‘CAKE’ in my tear duct, it created an effortless & lush look. 

I really enjoyed this look, so I took it and played with it, giving it a touch of scandal..

With this look, I removed the pink from my tear duct and replaced it with the slightly deeper ‘PARADOX’ orange. I also used ‘LOOKING GLASS’ as opposed to ‘ROYAL FLUSH’ in the centre of my lid as it’s much more pigmented and therefore appropriate for an edgier look. I used the same ‘MIRROR’ grey shade on my crease and blended it all in alongside the Urban Decay highlighter in the shade ‘Sin’ on my brow bone. 
I decided to thicken up my liner for this look to really enhance the edge. I especially thickened up my liner towards the corner of my inner eye – only towards NOT the corner! – to create a look of a more oval eye, hence why when my lid is closed on the above picture, it isn’t a perfectly straight/even line. 

Top Tip: This is great if your eyes aren’t that big as it appears to really open up your eyes while also being able to use liner. 

The good thing about UD is that all of their palettes seem to compliment each other. The ‘BAKED COWBOY’ gold shade from the UD Shadow Box palette is the most pigmented gold I have ever come across.

I used this gold with some colours from the Through The Looking Glass palette.

This look needs a respectable aspect, as gold can easily be led astray down a very classless route.. So I added a simple liner & wing. No funny business.

It also blends nicely with the Naked – Smoky palette.

The smokes in this selfie are from said Naked palette.

All in all, Through The Looking Glass is a fabulous palette, and I’m so very pleased to have it in my possession. Small disappointments aside, you did it again UD!

Would you like to see anymore looks? Just ask! 🙂 

Love Elle x


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