Gianvito Rossi, Saint Laurent Paris, Mugler and Balenciaga pre-season favourites 2016

A lot of new merchandise is filtering into the beautiful boutiques that line our city centres with their fortresses of fashion. We are fast approaching pre-season which sees the arrival of many new styles and designs amongst some of the most fabulous brands.

Today’s post is about a couple of my current favourite pre-season pieces, and why. 

Saint Laurent Paris

This dress is nothing short of a dream. Sequins aren’t usually my ‘thing’.. In fact, they usually repulse me. But not in this case. This dress slips on like a suctioning glove and makes you feel like money. The beautiful mesh fish tail at the back simply finishes off its effortless splendour and tips me over the edge from like to love.

• Teamed with Gianvito Rossi heels

Mugler t-shirt and Saint Laurent mini skirt 

Again, I’m not usually a camo kind of gal.. It all seems a bit too much. But not this time, Saint Laurent, you have changed me again! Just look at this beautiful denim mini skirt. It’s flattering, comfortable and retro. Teamed with this edgy mini skirt is an effortless & simple new Mugler t-shirt. 

“The nipple piercing”

Bet you didn’t spot that, did you? Such a simple tee with such a quirky addition, genius! This t-shirt is a hit with a few of my colleagues too, and I may have purchased it.. Oops! Winner. 

Balenciaga Wool Wrap

Errrrmm OKAAAY.. Soz about me. Am I in Manchester or am I in Chelsea though? For goodness sake, Balenciaga, you will bankrupt me one day! AMAZING. 

Balenciaga Classic City.. The new size!

Okay so for a while, people have requesting a “middle sized” bag from Balenciaga. The people asked, Balenciaga delivered. Lush.

Keep your eyes out for my next pre season post!

Love Elle x


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