How to look girly, when you’re not that girly. 

Ok so I have pretty dominant facial features due to my Eastern European heritage. With grandparents having Ukrainian, Romanian & Polish blood, I’ve inherited some pretty noticeable foreign characteristics. But nothing that make-up can’t fix! 

While many girls would jump at the idea of a overly-defined jaw line, I hate mine. I also have a bump in the top of my nose, and fiercely blue eyes. My cheekbones are extra high and I’m as white as snow. I am quite literally, a vampire. 

The cheekbones come in handy, but the nose (will be amended one day properly) and the jawline can pack their bags and leave my life forever. Well, for a few hours. 

I’ve recently been working daily on perfecting a really simple, softer, pretty make-up look. It looks effortless, but believe me when I say there’s effort. 

So here it is; the Viking girl, looking all sweet ‘n that.

So what have I done? 

Well firstly, I got my lips done, but that’s another kettle of fish. Make-up wise, I’ve engineered a super innocent look using 3 key aspects.

1. Pink lips. If you don’t like pink, please leave now, you have no hope at attaining my post goals. Why can’t you just use nude? Because, my friends, nude is often used with smoky eye looks, and therefore can impose a look of sexiness. We’re not going for sexy, we’re going for pretty. Cute. Pink is the softest colour you will find; it can make any girl look less aggressive. 

2. Cheekbones. So obviously, I’ve had a head start here, but if yours are none-existent, you just need the right products! For a decent price, NYX Cosmetics have a fab contour palette. There’s a variety of colours in the palette to suit all needs and the pigmentation is really soft. Remember; BLEND. This is a soft look, I repeat a soft look. I blended my contour in for a few minutes longer than I would usually.

3. Keep your eyes bare. Yes, lashes are imperative, and to be honest, the bigger lashes the better. I was stumped for time so my lashes are average, but do not apply eye liner of any kind. Keeping your eyes bare excentuates your lips, as as your eyes appear slightly smaller, your lips appear slightly bigger. Plus, it makes the pink stand out. 

Here is a list of products I’ve used today:

• Nars pore perfecting primer (just using my fingers)

• Illamasqua Rich Liquid foundation (using my fingers at first to slightly heat the liquid as it spread across my face and then perfected with a beauty blender)

• Urban Decay Naked concealer

• NYX contour palette 

• NYX eyelid primer 

• Kiko Milan high pigment 02 shadow (used very lightly)

• Urban Decay ‘sin’ highligher (on my cheekbones, temples and brow bones)

• Smashbox dark bronzer (used lightly)

• (After a quick eye lash curl) Illamasqua ‘Masquara’

• Urban Decay lip liner

• NYX matte lip gloss in the colour Tea and Cookies

• NYX silky setting spray 

• A dark brown colour from the Urban Decay Smoky palette on my brows 

• NYX brow setting liquid 

Top tip! Soft curls goes lovely with this look 🙂

Elle x


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