Illamasqua & Nars; why they go hand in hand.

So I have a mild to out-of-control infatuation with thicker than thick foundations.. It started when I found the consistency of Mac Studio Fix slightly more enjoyable than let’s say, most people; but upon my life decision to become a vegetarian (some time ago now) I decided to also eradicate any products from my over flowing make-up bag that have been involved in the cruelty of animals. This however, appeared to take out a solid 90% of my cosmetic empire, and I had to re-build what felt like my life.. 

It’s not been easy. I’ve invested in a lot of make-up I’ve found no happy ending with. Until now.

As Illamasqua are both a well-known luxury make-up brand and point blank refuse to be involved in any cruelty against animals, I’ve tried both of their foundations; the Skin Base and the Rich Liquid foundation. 

Illamasqua have a reputable name for ‘dramatic’ make-up looks; borderline drag queen. (Nothing wrong with drag queens in my opinion by the way, there’s a reason they have queen in their title, you slay sistaas). But anyway, I love the creativity that comes with this brand. Some people choose to wear make-up merely to cover slight imperfections, but let’s be honest, I’m a Selfridges girl, and I love that heavy caper. 

Exhibit A: Skin Base. This sells for £32.50 straight from Illamasqua. I loved this at first, but I found it a touch too thin and the packaging of the brand ineffective. It actually hurt my hand to squeeze out, and it seemed to come out in the thinnest little line of foundation, so you have to keep squeezing and just hope you don’t end up in A&E with a fractured thumb and index finger.

Exhibit B: Rich Liquid. Yeah I know, the front has no writing on it besides the Illamasqua logo. I thought that was strange too. The going price for this is £31.00. This foundation, no lie, changed my life.

So I finally found it? My dream foundation?

One problem; after a few applications, I came to the soul destroying realisation that it was actually too thick. With Skin Base slightly too thin, and Rich Liquid too thick (thus creating pores bigger than Mount Kilimanjaro) would I literally ever find something that would sit on my skin well, and provide me with the fullest of full coverage? 


Thank you Nars!

Once again, Nars pulls it out the bag. I found the perfect primer. This sells at £26.00.

This Nars primer goes hand in hand with Illamasqua Rich Liquid. It literally creates a veil between my skin and my make-up, so guess what? My skin is flawless now. Yeah, it’s as white as the skin of the hidden vampires of Transylvania (nice one for that gene, granddad), but it’s sooo clear. And I personally pin this on my new primer. It was like an instant life changer. 

I think it might be because Nars are a very collected, classy brand and Illamasqua slightly more wreckless and daring, that when they unite, they create flawless harmony. I think so, anyway. 

If you love your foundation thick, I literally couldn’t recommend this duo more. And of course, Nars don’t animal test. 

Elle x 


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