Vivienne Westwood Summer Feet For Less Than £100. 

So as I fly to Milan in just over two weeks, I’ve been eyeing up some pretty flats to get about the shops in. One of my most favourite designers has always been Vivienne Westwood, so naturally, I looked for some Viv sandals first. 

I found two really nice pairs, and I was shocked by how affordable they are. Whether you indulge in a pay day splurge or set aside a bit of money for a month or two, pretty much anyone could afford these. 

These are the first ones I found:

So these flip-flops are from the Melissa for Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Collection. 

They are available in store at Selfridges, Exch Sq. They are not available on, or They are available to order over the phone or in store, though. Being from Selfridges, you can also have them delivered to the store for free if you prefer. 

As you can see, they come in two colours; nude and black. They are 100% PVC, so they are suitable for vegans. They are perfect for the beach or for an evening stroll, but I don’t think that they’d be great for a prolonged period of time.

As they are quite plain, adding a few toe rings to jazz it up wouldn’t do your look any harm. 

They are £80.00 minus delivery.

So here’s the second pair:

This chic little pair of sandals are only available to order on Due to this, you will have to pay for delivery on top of your purchase. They are £88.00. 

I found that this pair offered a lot more for an extra £8.00. Firstly, they are much more secure. You could get about in these for a lot longer without the pressure of keeping a flip-flop on your foot. They look more expensive even though they too, are 100% PVC. A smaller logo also attracts customers who are less I am designer, see me roar.

Love Elle x


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