Everything a filler virgin needs to know before joining the big lip army.

Please note: These are my views and my views alone. I am not affiliated with Mac Aesthetics and I do not represent them. I am a past and present customer. Please do not quote me for prices. 

A lot of girls (and a few boys.. I won’t name and shame) ask me the same questions about my lip fillers, so I thought I’d do a post about them to cover the typical ‘all you need to know’ as a filler virgin who is considering joining the big lip army.

Let me start with my own lips.

In January 2015, I decided that I deserved a really extravagant 21st birthday present, and believe me, I got enough of them.. But I wanted more. As usual. I had just got my student loan and I was feeling spontaneous; a trait of mine that rears its (ugly?) head from time to time. 

I booked the appointment and paid the £50 deposit over the phone to Mac Aesthetics. When the day came, I was absolutely bricking it, but I went for it anyway. As usual. 

Why did I go for Mac Aesthetics?

I’m going to be completely honest, I did absolutely no research into different brands/companies that offer none-surgery cosmetic enhancements. I literally just saw the word ‘Mac’, mentally linked it to Mac Cosmetics and went with that one. 

• For the record, I no longer shop with Mac Cosmetics due to their animal testing shenanigans & as far as I’m aware, Mac Aesthetics are cruelty free. If I find out they’re not, I will find a substance/company that is •

What did my lips look like before?
So I have gathered a timeline of photos from before I had any filler to now, where I have 2.5ml. 

• December 2014 – no filler 

I know, I know. “They’re not even bad”. But so what? I wanted better.. And there’s nothing wrong with wanting better!

• January 2015 – 0.5ml of Restylane filler


For my first enhancement, I decided to opt for the smallest millilitre available. Half because I was terrified of looking like Pete Burns, half because I was terrified of the needle-to-face pain and I didn’t want to drag it out. Big mistake. After the swelling had gone down, I wanted more. I focused mainly on my top lip and had some definition added to my Cupid’s bow. For all those who are thinking ‘what on Earth is a Cupid’s bow’; it’s that ‘M’ shape your top lip makes in the middle.

Good news! Mac Aestheics give you a numbing gel to lather all over your lips while you sit trying to refrain from hyperventilating in the waiting room.

How much did this cost? 

For 0.5ml, it was £110. 

• April 2015 – 1ml of Restylane filler


So, as you can clearly see from this picture, my lips had gotten a whole lot plumper by this point. Although they hadn’t yet drastically altered horizontally or vertically with just 1.5ml collectively, there is certainly a big difference between my ‘no filler‘ and the above picture. I was pretty satisfied with this level of plump, but I was curious as to what I would look like with more.

Good news! No more over the phone £50 deposits. Mac Aesthetics created an app in which case you only have to pay a pound or so to book in. The downside to this is, you won’t get £50 off your final price in the salon anymore.

How much did it cost me?

For 1ml, I paid £195. 

• January 2016 – 1ml Restylane filler


Yeah, I know. They’re big. 

They’re starting to get that ‘fake look’

Do I love it? HELL YES! 

I am officially a lip filler addict! (Not really, but I am a bit obsessed). I am loving the big plumpy fake lips look. I’m not even going to lie, Chloe’s lip’s from Geordie Shore are total lip goals. She actually had her lips done at Mac Aesthetics..


And so did Charlotte.. 

My complete and utter lip crushes.. But now, I must answer some very important questions. 

What the hellllll is Restylane?

Ok, Restylane is basically a filler that dissolves back into your body. Going half off Google and half off the answers I got to the questions I asked the nurse, it’s pretty much the substance that is already in our lips, and that’s why our bodies accept it back into our system. It’s completely harmless, and it can be removed if you hate your new look. I have literally never heard of anyone who has actually done that, so comments are greatly welcomed if you’ve been one of those people. 

There is also a substance available called Juvaderm, which is basically the same thing. It’s a bit more expensive though, no idea why.

How long does it last?

It depends on how much you have injected. They say around 6 months, but I don’t personally believe 0.5ml can stretch to 6 months. 

Does it hurt?

Me? Yes. You? I honestly can’t advise you, but are you really squeamish? Do you hate tattoos and piercings? Do you have a needle phobia? It literally boils down to your own personal preferences. What softens the potato hardens the egg and all that… 

What’s the aftercare?

You really ought to give your fillers a massage from time to time. This breaks up any lumps of filler and brings more filler into your lips that may have floated off into your gums. So basically, your lips go big again if you do this. Do I do this? No. Never. I’m far too lazy for that. Are my lips lumpy? No. But they could probably be bigger, for longer, so I’ll start massaging them soon. I swear..

SO; How do you know if lip fillers are you?

Well, the good news is, you can’t regret going for the plumpy plunge with Mac because as I said, it dissolves back into your body and it can be removed. You don’t have to have full on fake lips either, a lot of older ladies opt for lip fillers simply to iron out any creases and give their face a bit of youth. As you can tell from my first session, the filler can be very subtle. So if you’re not keen on the Kylie Jenner look, fear not, you can Kate Middleton yourself into oblivion. 

If you have any more questions about anything I haven’t covered before you take the plunge, feel free to comment and I’ll help you the best I can. 

Please note: this review is about Mac Aesthetics and no other company.  If you read my review and then go to another company, nothing I have written is applicable. 

P.S I’m booked in for another 1ml this month 💋

Love Elle x


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  1. I’ve just had my lips done – 0.5ml first timer!! love them already but worried they will go back to normal size too soon? when will you recommend getting a top up, will they go completely back or will they still be full / shaped before I top up? thank you!


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