Do you speak Balmain?

If there’s one brand I’m crushing on right now (aside from Balenciaga, my bae..) it’s Balmain. A short post, but I’m just spreading a bit of B-love.

Balenciaga currently faces a Balmain collection in Selfridges and naturally, I’ve noticed it while working. In fine detail. 

Here are a few of my favourite items and why –

I spotted a manager wearing one of these, and I’ve been on the prowl ever since. They are last season, but they are still super lush. I personally don’t approve of the printed hash tag, I find it tacky. But it’s Balmain, they can do what the hell they want. 

This blazer is flawless. 


It’s current season and it’s lush. It’s heavily tailored and if it fits you, it will fit you better than your mother’s womb did. That’s a pretty graphic comparison, but I stand by it. Why can’t a girl feel borderline aggressively passionate about a blazer? 

Balmain just nail this military-to-casual look. It’s one of the luxury brands, that’s for sure. A real treat to yourself or someone else! 

Elle x


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