How to: Hydrate your dry skin for less than £5.00, in one night. 

I’ve always struggled with dry skin, particularly around my nose. I’ve tried countless face washes, creams and moisturisers. But nothing ever seems to work. 

Dry skin makes your make-up turn flaky throughout the day and feels coarse to touch. It ruins the whole look because you can spend hours on your 10/10 eye make-up but then think, ‘nah, nose looks a mess.’ 

Effort. Wasted. 

I wear a lot of make-up, seamlessly, of course; but I do wear a lot. Primer, foundation, concealer, contour, blusher, bronzer, highlighter, setting spray. That’s just my skin. Then I have lipstick, liner, and about a million different bits and bobs that make up my eyes. This doesn’t give me bad skin, because I use good products, but it does really dry it out. It feels tight after I use a face wash and it feels bitty and rough in the morning. 

Until now.

I’ve finally found a product that actually works. Good news; it’s not expensive. I understand that the majority of us don’t really feel overjoyed about splurging £20.00 on a semi-decent skin hydrating lotion and/or wash, myself included. I also understand that the majority of us just don’t have the time. I mean seriously, when you’re asked “what’s your skincare regime” don’t act like you’re not wracked with immediate guilt at the mental response of, ‘I don’t have one?!’ Like, who has half an hour to an hour at the end of every day to devote completely to their skincare? 

So here’s my secret to my hydrated, luminous skin, underneath all the make-up.


Good Things Acai Berry Micellar Water.

RRP: £4.49 for 250ml. 

• Suitable for vegans 

So, let me start by telling you how amazing this smells. It’s seriously lush. Who knew mango and blueberry would mix so well together?! It’s from the Good Things ‘Superfruits’ collection, so it’s pumping a load of natural vitamins and anti-oxidant goodness into your skin. 

What the hell is “micellar water” though?

Micellar water takes its name from the French word ‘micelles’ – which are the small cleansing molecules that float around in water. Take those micelles, pack a load of them into one bottle and voilà, cleansing galore. As soon as the cleaning agents come into contact with your skin, they search for dirt and grime to get rid of. 

How do you use it?

Well, if you don’t wear a tonne of make-up, you can use it to take off your make-up whilst simultaneously cleansing. If you do, like I do, I’d recommend you take off your make-up using a wipe/flannel & water or whatever your usual routine is.. And then use this. Simply apply a small amount of the micellar water to a cotton pad/ball and wipe your face, concentrating on the areas you feel need more care. I pretty much cover my whole face, but I make sure my nose is particularly covered. You also don’t have to wash it off, so I literally do it in bed and then go to sleep with the sweet smell of fruit lingering around my head. Not bad.

Top tip: always wipe your skin by pulling your skin up, rather than down. Pulling your skin down will only break elasticity, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll be pumped with botox faster than you can say wrinkles.

When I wake up, my foundation slides on and blends much, much easier with soft, hydrated skin and lasts longer through the day too. I look and feel more confident, knowing I don’t have to constantly keep an eye on what I used to feel was such a big flaw before. 

Any cons?

I have noticed one thing about this product, and that is when I apply it, my face goes quite red.. Especially around my nose. I’m not sure if that’s the product ‘getting to work’ and getting deep into those grizzly areas that need a good hydrate, but I wake up borderline flawless anyway. 

This is a picture with no filter, no make-up and no flash. 


The glisten on my lips is lip plump – which I will do a post on soon. How fresh-faced and young do I look? 

• I’m also using the Good Things wipes, and they seem pretty good too. They take a lot more of my make-up off in one wipe, whereas before I used to have to use two wipes. They make my eyes sting though, because they’re not made for your eyes, so I’m going to invest in some specific Good Things eye make-up remover. 

Elle x


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