Playsuits and jumpsuits and why they’re a modern blessing.

So recently I have found myself noticing both the cute and sassy looks you can achieve by wearing a jumpsuit or a playsuit. I have always personally underrated the jump/playsuit item and opted for dresses & skirts, but I think it’s about time I converted to the all-in-one way of life.

On a recent post, I described how I found some really nice workwear items from New Look. One of these items, was a jumpsuit pinafore. Now, being 5’1 and opting for a wide legged cropped trouser is one seriously risky move to make. I can either look smart & classy, or I can wound up looking like I’m actually 4’1 and my ankles are as thin as silly straws. 

Much to my joyful surprise, I looked pretty nice in the j’suit. So I tried on a few more. In the days to follow, I finished work & went for a nosey round the shops, trying on bits here and there. 

More so, I was investigating the wide-legged-cropped idea in further detail. 
I’m a big fan. As I start my new job at Balenciaga – I know, I’ll stop going on about it soon – I have taken the plunge and purchased one. 

Available from:

Samantha Faiers Long Sleeved Wide Leg Jumpsuit.

Price: Was £59.00. Now £32.75 minus delivery.

I know, I know. It’s not cropped! But that’s because I intend on going back to New Look to purchase the pinafore one.
With jumpsuits, you can also take them from day to night. For example –
This jumpsuit, available from for £49.00 minus delivery is a great day-to-evening look. It’s a little dressy for a shopping trip, but if you’re going straight out for your evening meal afterwards it’s no biggie. It’s simple, flattering and pretty. All the aspects needed for a cute meal.


The evening look..

This jumpsuit is fierce. With that plunge neck, all eyes are on you. Or rather, your cleavage. But still, you. Teamed with a pair of nude heels, as I think black heels with this would be too harsh, it’s a total knockout. A little dressy for an evening meal, but again, if you’re off out for a few drinks afterwards, you’re onto a winner. 
While thinking about the efficiency and sophistication of jumpsuits, I started thinking about playsuits. I currently own two playsuits, one smart and one casual, but I almost never wear them. Why? 

Because playsuits give you a nappy bum. Jumpsuits hug your figure because they’re actually half trouser, but the bottom half of a playsuit is a pair of shorts. It’s hard to find playsuits that flatter your Gluteus Maximus if you aren’t blessed with James’ Giant Peach or have the time or interest in doing 100 squats a day. 

But I have good news: I found us one. 

How pretty does she look?! 

This playsuit is available from mistress for £55.00 minus delivery. 

So, it doesn’t give us the Kim K behind we’re all brainwashed to yearn for, but it does do something. The open-back makes a statement; it says, yeah I might just be shopping in River Island right now, but I’m not afraid to be noticed. 

The shape of the lower half of the open back feature also flatters (for like of a better word) our behind, enhancing our natural attribute without the need for those cringe ‘bum knickers’ or more drastically, Minaj style surgery. 

The only downfall to the jumpsuit era is the fact that you have to effectively, get completely naked to use the toilet, so ‘tit tape’ is probably not an option. With playsuits though, you can just be super classy and pull it to the side..

Love Elle x


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