From day to night; why all gentleman should be head to toe in Diverso.

Today is my penultimate shift with Diverso, and after just a short 4/5 weeks with the company before I move to womenswear at Balenciaga, I think I really ought to shed some light on my experience with this Italian brand. 

So, who are Diverso? 

Diverso are a fresh and ingenious menswear establishment situated in Manchester and London. The business has been running in London for 10+ years, but opened around 6 months ago on Manchester’s very own King Street.



Drawing of Diverso by the actual designer

All of their products are made in Italy, (mostly handmade) by only the most talented family-run small businesses, sourced from 5 Italian locations. 

So where in Italy is it all from then?

Tuscany – leather, tailoring 

Biella – cashmere, knitwear, wool

Lake Como, Milan – silk & ties

Veneto – cotton shirting

• Novara – cotton, jersey & casual wear


Diverso also offer made-to-measure.  Yes, this is tailoring. For an extra fee, you can have your suit, shirt or pants pinned and tailor altered to fit perfectly. 

But it’s not all about suits and ties. Diverso offer a beautiful and luxurious casual range. From polo shirts, t-shirts and hoodies, to casual blazers, chinos and loafers. It really is a brand that caters for all facets of a gentleman’s wardrobe. They have just brought out trainers, too!

The business is owned by two Londoners, one of the owners is based in London and the other, (the designer), is based in Biella, Italy. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting both, and I can confirm first hand that they’re both an absolute dream to be around. True gentlemen. 

Diverso is growing, and will continue to do so. It’s a wonderful company to work for, and I would sincerely recommend a career here to any young menswear enthusiast. 
Nothing short of complete & utter class.


Elle x


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