St. Tropez VS Fake Bake

This is a tan comparison between;

• Fake Bake Luxurious Deeper Bronze Flawless Darker Liquid 


• St. Tropez Gradual Everyday Body Mousse 

*All tans mentioned in this post are applied using a professional tan mitt*

OK so, how many times have you stood in Boots, almost translucent-white, borderline creepily hanging around the fake tan section thinking, am I really going to blow my last £20.00 on this bottle of ‘luxury’ tan, when that one there is £4.99, and I know it’s pretty decent because I’ve used it before.. Because I know I’ve been there more than once.

Well, this post is not here to tell you that you should go for either, rather I’m going to explain how my bronzing sessions have panned out for me on both sides of that pricey fence, and then you can make of it what you wish.
I started tanning when I was about 13. I know, that’s terrible. I’ve been lathering strange chemicals over every part of my body for 9 years – that’s so weird when you think about it.. But on with the post.
I started using St. Moriz back in the day when it was £1.99 from Bodyshop. It’s risen to about £3.50-£4.99 now, I have absolutely no idea why, but what can you do eh. 
I’ve found that St. Moriz (mousse) is probably the most reliable cheap tan, but if you apply tan often – and when I say ‘often’, I mean about 2x a week (I’m such a lazy tanner, so 2x a week is a lot for me) – it tends to develop very quickly into that horrible broken up type of tan that looks a lot like fish scales. 

After one too many exfoliating-gloves-induced-shower-injuries, and at one point my elbow actually turning green with tan.. I decided it was time I put my hands in my pockets and invested in a product that would settle nicely on my skin for more than a maximum of 24 hours. 
Naturally, people presume that products with a higher price must mean that they’re a better quality buy. I was one of these people, so I went for St. Tropez. I mean, who wouldn’t want to look like they’ve been to France?!

St. Tropez.. Yea or nay?

St. Tropez is a dream. It smells more fruity than tanny (don’t thesaurus me on that one).. But you know, that biscuit smell? Yeah, it’s gone. It says “gradual” on the bottle, but you actually have colour on you straight away. It develops too, so if you put it on before you go to bed, you will wake up like you’ve just done a few nights in the Dominican.


St. Tropez does seem to end up giving you scales. Granted, it takes a fair bit longer than St. Moriz, but it does still occur. That aside, I would highly recommend this tan.

This tan RRP’s at £22.00 for 200ml, but if you type “St. Tropez gradual tanning mousse” in Google, it will bring up a load of different beauty websites offering different prices – the cheapest being £11.40 from

Found a none-edited pic of me recommending it to a fellow tanner on Twitter too..   


My Fake Bake Experience 

Is it just me or are the words “fake” and “bake” just the two ultimate worst words to refer to a fake tan? Like, don’t we all want to look sunkissed and glamorous, not like painted body builders.. No? Just me then?? 

Well, aside from the terrible name, Fake Bake is actually a brilliant fake tan. I’ve always been a mousse kind of girl, but this ‘liquid’ is really easy to use. It’s also much, much darker than any other fake tan I have ever found and it smells absolutely lush.

Unfortunately, Fake Bake also scales-up pretty quick. I mean, depending on how much you lather on depends on how quickly it scales. Usually I can go for weeks without it cracking up, but just recently I really held no prisoners while tanning for a 4 day trip to Florence and I was GLOWING mahogany. It’s actually used a lot for spray tans. 

One thing I have noticed is that with this tan there is a ‘top layer’ element. Which means, you really do need to wash the top layer off before showing up anywhere you want to look good for. You could be slightly uneven, and very dark, but as soon as you’ve had a quick shower, you will emerge from your bathroom nothing short of a Spanish goddess. 

This is a none-edited picture of Fake Bake after I’ve washed off the top layer..


So, which tan then?

Personally, I think Fake Bake is good for events. When you really want to wow people with your tan, Fake Bake will not let you down. But for a more ‘every day’ type of tan, St. Tropez is a little more subtle. Both of the tans have a much higher quality of product than your cheap tans. I would recommend you opt for a luxury tan; but as I said, your call completely. 

Every person has a different reaction to different products too, so it really is a personal preference; But I would definitely recommend you at least give one of these (or both) a try.
Elle x


2 Replies to “St. Tropez VS Fake Bake”

  1. Aloha Elle,

    I just read your blog post and I like your the comparison on the St. Tropez and Fake Bake tanner.

    In case you are interested, I posted today about my holy grail ‘sunkissed goddess’ product 🙂 and it absolutely streak free and the smell is a pleasant one.

    Check it out and follow me if you are interested:-)

    I will also cover interesting topics such as my 60lbs weight loss journey (and hopefully motivate and inspire you to become the healthiest and strongest you :-)) beauty, fitness, different places around our little planet and different types of cuisines.

    Have a lovely day!

    Aloha from Hawaii

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I loveee St Tropez!
    I always use their Dark Self Tan Mousse though as I love to be dark. It is annoying when fake tan goes all scaly but I just have to remind myself to Moisturize Moisturize Moisturize !
    I wouldn’t mind trying out that Fake Bake, thanks for the post!

    Liked by 1 person

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