If you’re thinking of using Nars, here’s why you should.

Nars is nothing short of luxury. It really is a brand that prides itself on its dedication to sophisticated class. However, that class comes with a price tag. Nars is an upperclass brand, so you probably won’t find it in any department stores that don’t stock for example, Louis Vuitton. That’s a bold comparison, but I stand by it.

When I was 19 (I’m now 22), I got my first full time job in the city centre. This opened up a whole new world for me, and on my first pay day, I took a trip to Boots to buy all the essentials that I was running out of. Then I returned it all, marched myself to Selfridges and did the biggest make-up hoard of all time at Nars

I never looked back. Well, until I decided that I wanted to go back into education for a year and my budget dropped down to Mac (I felt like I was literally cheating, like I felt genuine guilt), but that’s not the case anymore.

Now, as I have developed over the years, creatively and make-up-ly (comments with an alternative word would be greatly welcomed), I have realised that I, personally, prefer a more dramatic make-up look. Don’t get me wrong, the nudes are timeless, but I prefer more of a media make-up brand, Illamasqua.

But this post isn’t about my personal preference. This post is about Nars, and why it’s just so damn good.

So, this is the foundation that I have used a countless number of times from Nars. I simply can’t fault it, it feels like silk on your skin. It isn’t thick or heavy, so if you like the lighter foundation, this is for you. It markets directly from Nars at £31.00. 

It also has powerful anti-oxidants that protect your face against damaging chemicals and help to enhance your face’s natural glow.

Nars Sheer Glow, 30ml.


Please note: the below picture was before I discovered the world of cosmetic surgery, therefore these are my natural, slimmer lips… Don’t hate.

Full face of Nars, no edit. Just flash. 

Any other brands you’d like me to review?

Elle x 


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