Tailored work wear.. On a budget. 

As I start my new job at Balenciaga in a week, I have obviously opted to buy new work wear. Working for a luxury brand requires a sophisticated, professional appearance at all times. Now I have maintained this work image while I have been working for a tailors, but I just really wanted something new. 

One problem. I haven’t been paid yet. And when I do, I will literally have one evening to purchase an entire new wardrobe. Now, my immediate thought when buying new clothes, and I am ashamed of the perceivable snobbery when I admit to this, is Selfridges. Harvey Nichols. House of Fraser. House of CB. The ‘upper class’ brands. The stuff you pay an extra £50 for. I know most of you will be sat there thinking ‘stuck up’ ‘what an idiot’ etc but hey – each to their own okay!

So I’m here like, I need clothes man. I need nice, classy clothes. Clothes that look expensive. And you’ll never guess where I found just that…

New Look!

 Don’t turn your nose up yet.. Honestly, they are a gold mine! See below for the bits I grabbed.. 

So I bought this shirt and tailored skirt. The skirt is actually part of a woman’s suit, but I already have a black blazer, so I just bought the skirt. So comfortable, curvy and yet flattering. £14.99. Bargain. 


Now I didn’t buy this jumpsuit, but I’m contemplating going back for it. Thoughts?


How cute is this pinafore? I realised quickly that the entire Balenciaga season seems to be lacking somewhat in stripes, so I opted out of this. But it’s so cute. I can’t remember the exact price, but I’m very certain it was around £15.

These pants fit me like a second skin. I’m a 6, but these were an 8. They were borderline lycra, without the tacky edge. Super comfy, super flattering. Unfortunately they didn’t have a price on, and they were one of the items I’m planning to ‘go back for’ (on the eve of pay day) but my guess is, no more than £25. 

The shirt was also around £15. In these photos, I’m wearing an 8, but I opted for a 6 as you can clearly tell it’s quite baggy on my arms. (My shoes are from Gucci, they are not available at New Look.)

They also have a great & growing shoe collection. New Look can be very underrated. Before you shop in Topshop, nip in to here and see if you can find what you were looking for for almost half the price. 

Like I said, gold mine.

Elle x


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