The secret sass behind heeled boots..

Ok so.. Most of us don’t have to wear heels every day for work. And I don’t just mean any heels, but proper heels. Classy sassy like stiletto heels. I’m-giving-myself-bunions-at-22 heels. But there are a few fashion militants out there who opt in to the heel-wearing-army, and to you ladies, I owe this article..

I used to be a heeled boot wearing girl. They’re like a stepping stone into those real killer heels. Now don’t get me wrong, I feel pain in every part of my body when I’m on my feet, in those stilettos. But you just can not deny that heels bring you some form of power that flats never could. You literally become Sasha Fierce.

So, where do you find killer heeled boots? Well – I currently own two pairs, so I thought I’d share them with you girls. These are not for beginners. You will greatly regret diving straight into these! 

 Where did I buy them? Forever 21 – Liverpool. These were around the £30-35 bracket. They look amazing in person. 

And a pair of heeled boots every girl in England would appear to want – The thigh high. 


Where did I get them from? Topshop! These were around £80 – but they do similar ones for around £65, I’m just impatient and these were all they had in my size at the time.

Top tip: Topshop offer a wide range of thigh highs – they even cater for the skinniest skinny leg! 

Elle x 


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