Gladiator goddess!

Something I have always had an undying love for, is gladiator sandals. I know that gladiator heels are a thing, and I’m more of a heel girl than a flats girl, but when it comes to gladiators, I believe with my hand firmly on the fashion bible that they should be flats. So I gots me a pair. See below for some posey pictures of me in them from a recent trip to Italy…


These are the type of shoes to make you go WOW! It wasn’t even warm in Italy on this day, but I’d planned to wear them and I sought to see that plan right through. My toes were reaching borderline frostbite, but I felt (& looked) fierce. And that’s what mattered.

Gladiators are PERFECT for holidays – especially Greece! I mean who doesn’t love a Grecian goddess?!

For a luxury pair, shop; Guiseppe Zanotti

Price: £635.00

Too pricey for you? 

Shop the high street:

Price: £27.00

Elle x


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