Flatforms: cool or cringe?

OK, so, we all love the nineties. But are we taking the fashion time machine plunge-back-into-94 phase a bit too far? I mean, I’m seeing bomber jackets and ankle cut high waisted boyfriend jeans in pretty much every high street shop I walk past, and don’t get me wrong, I feel like a spice girl wearing them but… Flatforms?

This is one item I’ve just never been able to get my head around. Are they acceptable? I mean, if you’ve got a pretty dull outfit and then you add a pair of flatforms, you can’t deny it jazzes things up. But if you’re already rocking a denim jacket, some Ozzy style sunnies and the half up half down look.. Are they just too much?

Well, I finally have the answer to my long pondered question. No. They aren’t too much. But it depends on which ones..

Luxury brand: Kurt Geiger

Price: £120

Well done Kurt, you’ve outdone yourself here! Mr Geiger has designed some beautiful flatforms, that aren’t too much but still have that 90’s edge!

Too pricey for your budget? Fear not!

High street: River Island

Price: 32.00

River island have also gone one step further and opted to provide us all with these Pom Pom cuties in black!
All hail the Pom Pom!

Elle x



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