Elizabeth: the basics.

Where am I from? Manchester, UK

How old am I? Twenty-five

What is my day job? I work in HR. This means I deal with employment contracts, criminal checks, maternity/annual leave, employee inductions, starters, leavers and changes. The list goes on.. but I used to work in luxury fashion and I also studied it. I am also a seamstress, I mainly create patchwork memory pillows made from the clothing of a loved one, whether that be somebody who has passed away or baby grows! In my spare time I enjoy going to ballet, eating and sleeping!

What does my blog specialise in? I am a product reviewer, I like to share best practice with other cosmetic & fashion lovers. From time to time I also share my opinion on the attire from big Fashion events (i.e Met Gala etc)

When did I start writing? March 2016

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I welcome comments & opinions in regards to my reviews, plus advice and experiences!

Enjoy ❤️